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Aces & spades: Syn. good, great, fantastic. Also a stand-in word for awesome. A general positive. Often shortened to "ace", which works well as a stand-in for words such as cool. Ex. "You're STD-free? Aces & spades!" or "This candy is ace."

Adam-bomb: When Adam appears in someone's 365 project. The Adam Bomb is a tag on Flickr. Term invented by Amanda.

Aft: Short for afternoon. Ex. "You free this aft?"

Ambidextrurbating: Masturbating with both hands. Can also be used as "ambidextrurbate", "ambidextrurbater", or "ambidextrurbatory". Handy if you plan to fire a gun with your non-dominant hand.

Azeroth: Used to refer to World of Warcraft without the uninitiated understanding. Ex. "See you in Azeroth later."

Balls: Curse word. Used like "nuts" - Ex. "Oh, balls!"

Bikester: A rarely used term for a bicycle hipster. Bikesters ride fixed gears or singlespeeds and are obsessively knowledgeable about the brand-name parts on their bikes. They will sometimes quote their chain length instead of their gear ratio and they don't wear helmets because helmets don't look cool.

Bitca: A slightly less offensive way to call someone a bitch. From Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer - from a conversation between Xander and Willow where Willow spells out the word "bitch" and Xander hears "B-I-T-C-A".

Bo-rang: Expressive slang for boring. Pronounced "boe-rang." Often punctuated with an exclamation point. Ex. "Rabid dogs? Bo-rang!"

Boss: Good, great. Ex. "That shirt is so boss."

Brill: An abbreviation of brilliant. Used more often in spoken form than typed, if only because the typed form more often brings to mind an ugly, flat fish. Ex. "I love it, it's brill."

Bromance: A romantic friendship between bros. Can be used to describe bro-down hangouts between two friends who adore the crap out of each other but don't want to bang. Ex. "Naw, I can't go on a date tonight... it's bromance night."

B-Room: The water closet, washroom, restroom, or bathroom. Pronounced "bee-room." Ex. "Excuse me, I have to use the b-room."

Calgareigh: A combiword of extraordinary cleverity, Calgareigh describes the state of the city of Calgary when Malloreigh is involved, for example, when she's contemplating it, planning things to do with it, or living within it. Can be used as an idea all on its own without sentence modifiers, Ex. "What's new in Calgary?" "You mean... Calgareigh?" In this sentence the answerer is telling the questioner that Malloreigh is in Calgary, and that is what is new. This term doesn't work very well unless it's typed, and for that reason as well as a general lack of versatility it is not used as often as its cousin, Malgary.

Celebrivegan: A vegan celebrity. Generally used to refer to people who are famous within the vegan community, rather than celebrities who happen to be vegan, though it can be used for both. For example, Isa Chandra Moskowitz or Sarah Kramer are celebrivegans. Natalie Portman is not.

Celesbian: A lesbian celebrity. Can be used to describe both celebrities who are lesbians, or celebrities within the lesbian community. For example, Tegan and Sara Quin, or Jenna of Liquorinthefront on Tumblr.

Celesbivegan: A celebrity who is both a lesbian and a vegan. This combination is fairly rare. For example, Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, Sara Gilbert, or me. (As if.)

Clev: Short for "clever".

Cleverity: Amount of cleverness. A rarely-used word, but useful when it's called for. Pronounced "cleh-vare-ity". Ex. "Her cleverity is astounding."

Combiword: A rather clumsy example of its meaning, a combiword is a combination of two or more separate words to make one word, used to represent a single idea. Ex. "Funcouver is a combiword of Fun and Vancouver."

Condrunkst: Confused and drunk. Drunk and confused. Am writing this while condrunkst.

Crimson: Coined by one of Amanda's friends in Guatemala. Crimson is a synonym for cool, great, fantastic.

Crushstruck: A sudden, intense crush on another human being. Coined by Crispin. Ex. "That barista has got me crushstruck."

Dece: Short for "decent". Ex. "It was pretty dece."

Delitional: Both delicious and nutritional. Ex. "Add some nutritional yeast for delitional value."

Evar: Ever. Common use in casual l337. Ex. "That was the worst AB evar."

Fan: Short for "fantastic". Impractical and oft-misunderstood; usually accompanied by an explanation, which in effect negates the abbreviation of the term in the first place. Ex. "Fan! I mean fantastic, not... like... the device that cools you down in the summer. You know."

F'in Sweet: Borrowed from Rin. Short for "fucking sweet," but less of a blatant curse. Pronounced "eff-inn sweet". Ex. "That is f'in sweet."

Foxen: Plural for fox; a synonym for foxes. Ex. "Hyenas are much like foxen."

FTW: An acronym for for the win; used casually and with varying meanings, sometimes sarcastically. Ex. "Our team FTW!" or "Dying... ftw." Occasionally spelled out fully ("for the win") for greater effect. Antonym: FTL (for the lose).

Fuckery: Adopted from Jules, this word describes malicious tomfoolery, but is versatile enough that it can be used to describe any unsavoury or unbeneficial activity. Ex. "They lost another game? What fuckery."

Funcouver: An exclamation of the word "Vancouver", used usually when celebrating the good times one is having in Vancouver. Ex. "Come visit me in Funcouver!" Capitalised according to the same conventions as its parent word. Its polar opposite is the fellow Mal-coined term Lamecouver. See the L section.

Gank: The act of starting a fight balanced unfairly in your favour. Generally frowned-upon but also occasionally hilarious. This term is regularly used in casual l337. Ex. "LOLZ ganked!"

Genderalize: Generalizations as related to gender. The use of the gender-neutral (and grammatically imprecise) pronoun "they" in place of he, she, zir, etc. could be called a genderalization. Coined by Britt.

Glossoreigh: This document, whose name is a portmanteau or combiword of "glossary" and "Malloreigh". According to Gregory Fein, "I think it's important, like the Wikipedia entry on Wikipedia."

Gorram: Often used in place of "goddamn". Also works as a stand-in for "fucking" or "stupid" when used as largely meaningless curse adjectives. Pronounced "gore-am". Originally from Joss Whedon's Firefly universe. Ex. "The gorram thing won't turn on." Used with or without a leading capital letter; I prefer without.**

Gose: Mandarin word that means "crap", "junk" or "trash". Pronounced "go-suh". Ex. "This ship is a piece of gose." Originally from Joss Whedon's Firefly universe.

Guacamous: A delicious, exotic dish whose main ingredients are pureed chickpeas and ripe avocado. It is seasoned with a mix of secret spices. Pronounced "Gwock-a-muss".

H-Cut: Hardcore. Used in the colloquial sense of 'hardcore', to mean bad-ass, tough, intense. Ex. "That wipeout was h-cut..." Coined by Britt.

High-larious: Exceptionally funny. Used dryly. (ed.04.08. I didn't realize this until recently, but Jayne uses this term in Firefly.)

Ho Noes: An exclamation, often used in sarcasm but sometimes seriously. A synonym for "oh no!" Ex. "Ho noes! My nose fell off!" Often in all-caps, ex. "HO NOES! A tragedy!"

Honey Bucket: A term of endearment. Can be used genuinely or sarcastically. Note: Honey Bucket is a type of portable plastic privy.

Intermet: Having met online. Usually suggests an acquaintanceship that is wholly online but can also suggest an initial online meeting that later manifested in real life. Ex. "That's how I intermet him." Or in the present tense: "Nice to intermeet you."

Intervert: Someone who is shy in the 3D world, but is hugely social on the internet. Ex. "I'm glad I met you online first, you're definitely an intervert."

Killer: Can be used to mean both "awesome" and "terrible", but more often used as a positive. Ex. "You got a new job? Killer!" or "You lost your job? Killer..."

Linesaw: An apt nickname for anyone named Lindsay. Those with T9 text messaging on their mobile phones may have surmised the same conclusion as I; when one types "Lindsay", the T9 suggests "Linesaw". One Lindsay in my life has learned to respond to the term Linesaw as if it were, in fact, her name.

Loser pissed: A state of drunkenness in which the drunk person cannot keep their eyes open, for example, or cannot form a sentence. The kind of drunk that is no longer fun, instead making the drunk person look like a loser. Ex. "I think he crossed the line two beers ago... he's loser pissed." Or, "Ugh... I got loser pissed last night."

Loverly: Synonymous with "lovely".

Lux: Luxurious, posh. Ex. "This coat is so lux."

Mahdi: Often used in place of "god". Used in common phrases where the word "god" would usually be, ex. "For the sake of Mahdi," or "Only Mahdi knows!". From Frank Herbert's Dune universe; Mahdi means "messiah" or "prophet". Mahdi is originally Arabic and is a term used in the Islamic Qu'ran. Pronounced "Maa-dee". Related to: Usul, Muad'Dib.

Malgary: Can be used to describe either the town that Malloreigh is from, or the state of Malloreigh being in Calgary. For example, if someone were to ask what was up with Malloreigh, and she was in Calgary, the person answering could say, "Malgary," and it would be a self-sufficient idea on its own without modification. Similar to the less-used "Calgareigh."

Malloriginal: What most of these words are.

Mew: A short, cute word to be used when there is nothing better to say. Ex. "mew." Sometimes as an end to a sentence as an additional non-thought. Ex. "I want to go too, mew." Even when on its own in a sentence, it is rarely, if ever, capitalised. Occasionally the word meow is used in a similar fashion, although generally with more purpose than its shorter, more absentminded counterpart.

Mint: Cool, good. Coined during a game of Scrabulous by and with Andrea; can be used like any other generic catch word. Ex. "That's so mint." Implies freshness, crispness.

Misfortunate: Used as a synonym to "unfortunate". Can be suffixed like its synonym. Ex. "Misfortunately, it didn't turn out how I had planned."

Mo: Short for "moment". Often punctuated with an apostrophe, as in "mo'". Ex. "I'll be ready in a mo'."

Monkey: A pet name for someone dear.

Mosdef: Shortened form of "most definitely". Pronounced "mose-deff". Ex. "Will you be there?" "Mosdef." Often used when immediately launching into another topic, as a quick dismissal to the original.

Navigatrix: A master of navigation. This person is always the most qualified to ride shotgun on a road trip, regardless of any relationship-to-the-driver rights that may exist within the road trip group.

Neat: Unusual, kitschy, interesting.

Nutballs: Crazy, surprising. Occasionally means "darn," or a simple, innocent curse word. Ex. "And then it turned out she was an alien." "Oh, nutballs!"

Palm-clappy: A rarely used, somewhat archaic term for describing something childishly delightful -- something which might inspire the childlike reaction of clapping with the palms only. Ex. "Ooh! Palm-clappy!" Its awkwardness as a spoken term has likely contributed much to its lack of use, although at its point of coinage it was used with some frequency in typed exchanges.

Portmanteau: The real word for "combiword" - combining two parts to make something new.

Procrasturbation: From Savage Love. Procrastination via masturbation.

Pwn: To own; to greatly excel; to master. Common use in l337. Ex. "I pwned him!" A typo of "own". Pronounced "Pone".

Queer: Reclaimed former slur for LGBTQIA folks. Used to describe non-mainstream lifestyles, not simply restricted to sexuality or gender expression.

Ridiculousity: The quality of being ridiculous, or amount of ridiculousness. Ex. "It was full of ridiculousity," or "his ridiculousity level was through the roof."

Redonk: The short version of redonkulous. See redonkulous. This shortened version is often used more casually than its longer form.

Redonkulous: As this word is not often used when typing or writing, the spelling is oft-disputed. A synonym for "ridiculous". Pronounced "rih-donk-you-luss". Ex. "That's just redonkulous." Can also be spelled ridonkulous, ridonc, etc.

Rockingest: Possessing the largest quantity of rock. The best. Common use. Sometimes combined with "most" for larger effect. Ex. "Clifford is the most rockingest puppy evar!"

Santorum: The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. Coined by Dan Savage as a tribute to Senator Rick Santorum, who describes homosexual acts as part of a class of deviant sexual behavior, including incest, polygamy, and bestiality, which he said threaten society and the family. Furthermore Santorum stated that he believed consenting adults do not have a Constitutional right to privacy with respect to sexual acts. (See Santorum at Wikipedia.)

Sauced: Drunk on wine, probably red. Synonyms: sloshed, tipsy, buzzed, drunk.

Seriousity: The quality of being serious; a synonym for "seriousness". Ex. "I think he said it in complete seriousity."

Shitshow: Someone who doesn't have their life together. Often used to describe someone who will get loser pissed (see definition) when having to work early the next day, or who will accept or seek drugs at an average, non-special night at the bar, or who cannot seem to fulfill a lease, pay bills or rent on time, or keep scheduled dates. Ex. "I refuse to move in with her, she's a shitshow." Also, used to describe the state of someone on a particular night. Ex. "He was such a shitshow last night - he made out with the DJ and then passed out in a bathroom stall."

Shit-sorry: That feeling you get when you wake up with guilt and/or a "sinking feeling" of regret after having had too much to drink the night prior, but without a clue as to why. Ex. "Oh... I feel so shit-sorry - what'd I do last night?" Often is a prelude to a breakup or fight, or indicates that a fight occurred.

Shiv: What my mobile phone suggests when I type the characters for "shit", and is thusly used as a synonym with its intended outcome.

Skidster: A hipster/skid cross. Skidsters hang out in dive bars, drink cheap beer (like PBR or Lucky), and like to dance and stay up late. They usually ride bicycles and/or take the bus.

Skinny-Fat: Thin but out of shape. Someone who is skinny-fat has been given genetics that do not allow for a heavyset figure, but the skinny-fat person is not firm, toned or fit.

Splen: A shortened version of the word "splendid", used commonly as a quick way to express satisfaction, dismiss the topic, and move on in conversation. Ex. "Sure, that's fine." "Splen. Now..."

Splendiferous: A longer version of the word "splendid"; it is thought that it may be a combination of the word "splendid" and the word "stupendous". Ex. "That's splendiferous!"

Stoked: Excited. As opposed to its usual contemporary slang use which is restricted to meaning stoked for a future occurrence. Ex. "I feel pretty stoked right now."

Stunilingus: A name given to an act of cunnilingus that has the effect of stunning the recipient, as coined by Crispin.

Swicked: "Wicked" with an "s" sound in front; pronounced "swick-ed", with emphasis on the last syllable. An abbreviation of the phrase "That's wicked", combining the last two sounds.

Swishy: Rich, posh, high-class. Used to describe white tablecloth restaurants, yachts, or events involving cocktail dresses and tuxedos. Ex. "The Boathouse is a pretty swishy place." Often used to denote something that is "too rich for my blood".

Technowledge: After some discussion, it was decided that this combiword of "technological" and "knowledge" is fit for use. Ex. "My technowledge is sufficient for this task."

Terrif: Used almost chiefly in spoken conversation due to its awkward spelling, "terrif" is an abbreviation of "terrific". It's generally used as a short, dismissive exclamation. Ex. "Oh, terrif!"

Tommorlow: A childish version of the word "tomorrow". Ex. "And we are going to go play tommorlow!"

Travel High: The high that people are on after they come back from traveling. People who are travel high speak often of the places they've been, and it's not uncommon for a good half of their stories to involve the city, country or situations that they've come home from. Travel high can last varied amounts of time, from days to years.

Tuff: From The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. "Tuff" is a slang version of the word "tough"; it can be used to mean tough, and also is a synonym for "cool". Ex. "That girl is so tuff."

Tumbl: Verb, to post on Tumblr. As tweet is to Twitter, tumbl is to Tumblr. Pronounced like "tumble".

Ufck: Rarely used when speaking aloud, ufck is suggested as a less offensive version of the common curse word which it is a misspelling of. Ex. "I lost my shoelace! UFCK!"

Vancouverian: A person who lives in Vancouver. A synonym for Vancouverite. Ex. "We're Vancouverians." or "He's a Vancouverian." Diminutives include "Vancouverish", to describe something very Vancouver. Ex. "How Vancouverish." Vancouverian is also sometimes used in place of Vancouverish, but this usage can be confusing.

Wowsers: An exclamation of surprise or pleasure, used most often with dry sarcasm, or when listening to a long story. Pronounced "wow-zers". Ex. "So, I got a new shirt." "Wowsers."

**I also do not capitalise the word "goddamn", because I feel it would be blasphemous and thus offensive to the religious, as I am not a follower of any organized religion whose deity goes by the name which is sullied by that term.